Jamie Program

When making leather products, a lot of hides often goes to waste when cutting out the pieces that will ultimately result in a bag. However, at DAY&MOOD we use all the left over leather pieces for an independent line of bags - the ’Jamie’ program.

Dayaandmood Jamie

Since the leather pieces used for ’Jamie’ come from different hides, every bag is unique with small variations and details in the leather. Like when buying a table made of tree, where you can study the grains to find the copy you love the most, you can investigate every Jamie bag to find the one that speaks to you. Your Jamie bag is yours personally.

Care characterizes our approach in DAY&MOOD – care all the way around. This branches off into different practices in our business, the Jamie line being one of them. And we continue to investigate new technologies and methods to become even more sustainable while maintaining our high quality level.


Jamie Tote Dayandmood