Who we are

DAY&MOOD is a Danish leather brand creating handmade bags, wallets and jackets from buttery soft quality leather.

DAY&MOOD combines Scandinavian minimalism with a chic bohemian vibe. We use innovative techniques and a conscious approach in every aspect of production.

How it began

In 2013, we took the first steps of our DAY&MOOD journey. We are a passionate team of 7 people who work from the Danish town of Ikast. Our team started out by producing bags for other brands and we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. DAY&MOOD is our own project that emerged from a concept of creativity, quality, and responsibility. We started DAY&MOOD out of passion, and today we aim to inspire with every design.



Care as a Key Value

Care defines our approach at DAY&MOOD. Since the beginning, we have been involved in every aspect of our own production. We know every employee, every part of the process, and we take responsibility for every one of our practices. We want our customers, retailers, and collaborators to be able to rely on us.


‘Live a Little’

‘Live a Little’ is our motto. It’s a reminder that you are the one in control of your life. Every design we make aims to encourage this message, because every design we make is perfectly unique. Just like you.