About the Bags

Buttery soft quality leather is our trademark. Our innovative designs combine minimalistic silhouettes with creative details. Each bag is handmade with care and no two bags are exactly the same.

Buttery Soft Leather

DAY&MOOD bags are made from 100% buttery soft leather that feels as indulgent as it looks. Our team has more than 16 years of experience within the leather industry and we are committed to producing bags of only the highest quality.



Our Designs

Our designs are created in close cooperation between our DAY&MOOD family members. We have two talented designers and a supportive team that influence each other in every aspect of our work.

Leather Artistry

Leather Artistry

Braids, imprints, pleats, and other types of creative craftsmanship play a central part in our designs. We do not limit ourselves to familiar kinds of leather techniques, but instead seek to develop new methods with inspiration from many different art forms. After finalizing our design, our passionate and talented Indian leather craftsmen develop the required techniques to create the finished product.

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