Danish Gloses: 'Pyt'

'Pyt': ['pid]

A marvelous little word that does not have an equivalent in English. It is used when something have not gone according to the plan, but does not need to be considered a problem. For example, a conversation might go like this:

 “I'm so sorry, I forgot to bring the dress I borrowed from you last month”

“Pyt, I'll get it the next time we meet!”


It is often heard when someone is trying to make someone else feel better about a minor error.

 ’Pyt’ has been recognized internationally in the last couple of years, since it encapsulates a mentality of letting go to things that might fill your life with unnecessary stress.

So, whenever you find yourself full of selfblame for something you have forgot to do or didn’t do well enough, say ‘pyt!’ and let it go. 






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Elin Crossbody
Ebony Crossbody